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Outstanding Portable Homes and Cabins for Any Site

Portable cabins accommodate tourists and workers in all types of industries. Since portable homes and cabins are manufactured in factory-controlled environments, they make flexible, fast and affordable home solutions for both local and remote locations. Portacom is the leading designer and builder of transportable homes & cabins in New Zealand, and has a wide range of portable homes and cabins for hire or purchase. Portacom New Zealand offers a complete range of turnkey portable cabins made for every region in New Zealand. Our portable cabins are expertly designed and offer low-maintenance luxury. Clients appreciate our focus on both structural safety and aesthetic portable cabin design, whilst maintaining economical prices.

Durable and versatile

Portable housing needs to be durable and versatile in order to offer many years of optimal operation and easy maintenance. Portable cabins for work and living should be both compact and spacious at the same time. They should include versatile floor plans to accommodate a variety of lifestyles - from mobile workers to vacationing tourists. With its portable cabins Portacom New Zealand incorporates the best of engineering and design details into our meticulous manufacturing process. All of the portable cabins we produce, large or small, feature the comforts of home. Clients can customize at any step or even co-design with our experts for specific cabin solutions.

Portable Cabins From Portacom - the difference a home makes

Portable homes and cabins by Portacom New Zealand are inspired by the work of engineers and designers who never stop improving on details. As well as adhering to the highest standards of structural design, our experts listen to your needs and wants for your portable cabins. Whether custom or standard, the features to choose from are extensive.

The floor plans of our portable dwellings are architecturally designed to comfortably accommodate one or many people. Interior features include open plan living areas, storage and decks. There is a broad palette of colours and finishes to choose from for stylish interiors and exteriors. Standard selections have been developed over the years to harmonize with the New Zealand landscape, with tasteful colours, which are also conducive to low heat absorption for energy efficiency. The entire Portacom Building Solutions home and cabin range is overall energy efficient, with durable materials applied for long-term low-maintenance.

Portacom New Zealand delivers fast, innovative solutions for portable cabins. As the New Zealand leader in modular transportable homes, and backed by international resources, we provide an entire range of portable cabin solutions - including amenities, conference facilities reception offices, laundries and kitchen and dining facilities.

Go For the Best!

From consultation to installation, we work closely with you to swiftly deliver your ultimate portable cabin. Portacom Building Solutions makes managing a portable living space efficient and worry free. We make any local or outback environment feel like home with our individually designed portable cabins.

Take advantage of our renowned expertise and industry-wide resources. Find out why small industries to large government departments seek our services in designing and constructing portable cabins. We make clients feel at home, and provide extra safety and security with features like our temporary fencing.

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