Case Study

Substation Upgrade in Te Kuiti

The primary goal of the project was to increase the power supply to the greater Te Kuiti region. Integral to this objective was the installation of two Portacom Switchrooms, accommodating Siemens High Voltage equipment.

The Lines Company recognised the need for updated switch-room to house high voltage equipment, to support the newly established Waitete substation. This strategic initiative aimed to bolster connectivity and accommodate the surging requirements of both commercial and residential growth. 

The customer's choice of Portacom was influenced by a strong existing business relationship. Having successfully collaborated on previous projects, The Lines Company had confidence in Portacom's capabilities and ability to deliver on time. 

The Te Kuiti Substation upgrade stands as a testament to successful collaboration, efficient project management and the strength of enduring business relationships. Portacom's involvement, rooted in trust and reliability played a pivotal role in the seamless execution of this critical infrastructure upgrade.