11 October 2023

Navigating the Post-Rental Process: Inspecting Damaged Buildings

In the world of temporary buildings, the end of a rental period often marks the beginning of a meticulous assessment process. It involves evaluating the building's condition, identifying damages, evaluating fair wear and tear and determining how to address them. This article sheds some light on the step-by-step process for on-charging damages costs and non-return items to customers after a building is returned, ensuring transparency, accountability and a fair resolution. 

1. First Impressions Matter

As soon as the building is returned, our dedicated team swings into action. Within 24 hours, they thoroughly inspect inside, outside, on top and under the building, evaluating fair wear and tear. Photos are taken to document any damages or issues. Visual evidence plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency and resolving disputes. 

2. Creating a Damages Sheet

The assessment results are compiled into a damages sheet. This document itemises all identified damages, providing a clear overview of the building's condition. The damages sheet is attached to the return note, forming an integral part of the documentation. 

3. Communication

A damage letter is sent to the customer, detailing the findings and including the photos taken during the assessment. The letter is a crucial communication tool that ensures transparency and clarity regarding the damages identified. 

In cases where the damage is substantial, a Portacom rep may have to reach out via phone. This direct communication aims to address concerns, provide clarity and explore possible resolutions. 

4. Customer Response and Acknowledgment

Portacom values open and constructive communication. Failure to respond to Portacom's correspondence is considered as acknowledgment of the damages and acceptance of charges. 

The process of on-charging damages costs to customers after a building is returned is a well-structured and transparent process. It begins with a swift assessment, supported by visual documentation and results in clear communication through the damage letter.

By adhering to this process, Portacom emphasises our commitment to fairness and accountability. it ensures that our customers are aware of the building's condition upon return and are given the opportunity to engage in dialogue if issues arise. 

Remember to follow our Tips for Keeping your Building in Top Shape to avoid post hire charges.