24 August 2023

Meet Craig: A True Wellingtonian at Heart

As a proud Wellington native, Craig's veins practically flow with the essence of the city.  We're excited to announce that Craig has brought his wealth of experience and expertise to the Portacom family!

Craig is more than just an industrial professional. He's also a devoted Poppa with a vision that extends beyond here and now. Craig sees the immense potential of modular spaces in fostering sustainable development.

Energised by his unstoppable drive and an unwavering spirit, Craig is on a mission to secure wins - for our customers, for Wellington, and for the generations yet to come. His dedication to pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities is inspiring. 

"I am excited to be supplying fast, flexible and reliable solutions to our Building and Commercial customers and adding real value to get the customer’s job going. What I have learnt in my first month is that help is but a call away. Our team are always there willing to help so give me a call for a great solution.”

Join us in welcoming Craig as he embarks on this exciting chapter ahead!