Case Study

Gourmet Blueberries Seasonal Workers' Accommodation

As New Zealand Gourmet's operations scaled, the need for seasonal laborers surged during peak harvesting seasons. This demand presented the challenge of providing safe, comfortable, and cost-effective accommodation for temporary workers.

With a commitment to innovation and community, the company embarked on a journey that not only addressed seasonal worker accommodation but also offered a unique blueberry-picking experience on their largest farm in Hastings, Hawkes Bay.

New Zealand Gourmet collaborated with Portacom to design and build a seasonal worker accommodation facility. This facility aimed to provide comfortable living spaces, essential amenities and a supporting environment for workers. Providing quality accommodation enhances worker retention rates and also attracts new talent.

Portacom supplied 10 spacious Workers Accommodation Units that offered private spaces for seasonal workers. Additionally, a dedicated Managers Accommodation Unit was provided to ensure that supervisory staff had comfortable living quarters. Ensuring convenience, 3 toilet units were incorporated to maintain hygiene standards and 3 shower units were integrated to complete the comprehensive accommodation setup. The modular construction approach allowed for rapid installation, reducing disruption to ongoing operations.

These facilities were designed to provide comfortable living spaces that adhered to safety standards, allowing workers to rest and recharge effectively. Through collaborative partnerships and purpose-built facilities NZ Gourmet not only improved the lives of its seasonal workers but also boosted operational efficiency and reinforced its brand image, striking a balance between productivity and worker welfare in a rapidly evolving industry.