Case Study

Taranaki Base Hospital

Converting buildings into isolation units: A response to COVID-19 at Taranaki Base Hospital

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the implementation of robust measures to prevent the spread of the virus within healthcare facilities. Taranaki Base Hospital faced the challenge of creating dedicated spaces to assess and isolate potential COVID-19 patients while maintaining the integrity of their existing emergency departments. 

The conversion of buildings into functional isolation units required careful planning, resource allocation and adherence to stringent infection control protocols. This initiative aimed to provide seperate spaces outside the emergency department where potential patients could be evaluated and treated, effectively reducing the risk of transmission to other patients and healthcare staff. 

Portacom buildings were transformed into isolation units, with dedicated space for triage, check-in and cubicles for patient assessment. Extensive renovations, including changes to interior walls and vinyl, were undertaken to ensure a safe and suitable environment for potential COVID-19 patients. This example highlights the value of innovate solutions and collaborative efforts in ensuring patient safety and optimising resource utilisation during a healthcare crisis.