Mining & Resources

Remote solutions for the Mining industry

Attracting and retaining staff is paramount. Physical space matters. Transportable accommodation is the solution.

Portacom Building Solutions is a leading provider of transportable accommodation and office solutions to the mining and resources sector in New Zealand. We provide a range of site offices, accommodation, amenities, kitchen, diners and specialist buildings to suit all needs. Our customers have changing demands and we continue to improve the quality of our buildings to suit the often harsh and challenging environments they exist in. 

Our safety performance, portability, capacity to deliver on time and superior engineering and design are key differentiators between us and our competitors.

The quality of remote living and working is a key challenge faced by the mining industry.

Traditional mine site accommodation is changing.  Employers are looking for an atmosphere in which they can not only work effectively, but to relax and live compfortably. We are innovators, combining superior engineering with high quality finishes to deliver an attractive development that will facilitate staff recruitment and retention.

We are experienced in your industry.

Portacom Building Solutions employs leading industry experts, enabling us to maintain high performance and exceptional customer service. On-site construction teams have the project management capabilities to ensure seamless site establishment as well as the operational talent to identify and resolve issues quickly.