Hire a building

Hiring is a cost-effective and efficient way to quickly acquire secure space. Our modular facilities give you the flexibility to design a space that fits your needs perfectly.

In our fleet, we have buildings that can be configured to meet the unique requirements of your project or space; with many size and footprint options available.

If you’ve never hired a building before, the process is a reasonably simple one:

1. Make contact with our team either by phone or by using the "Get in touch" form on our site. We’ll need to know a few simple things, like:

  • What type of building you’re after
  • How many people need to be accommodated
  • The approximate location of your site
  • The length of time you’re thinking about hiring the buildings for

2. Our team will check availability and provide you with a quote

3. Once you’re happy, we’ll organize delivery and installation of your building(s)

4. You can add (or remove) buildings to your order as your project progresses, as your needs expand or contract

5. At the conclusion of your project, reach out to us again and we’ll organize removal of your buildings


Portacom Building