Case Study

East Rolleston Kindergarten

Sustainable solutions in action: A case study on Portacom's modular building approach

New Zealand faces significant waste management challenges with a considerable amount of waste ending up n landfills each year. The construction and demolition sector alone contributes a substantial portion of this waste. Recognising this issue, the Ministry for the Environment in Aotearoa estimated that 33% of landfill waste is a direct result of construction and demolition activities. 

Portacom Building Solutions has emerged as a leading supplier of portable and modular buildings across New Zealand. Our commitment to sustainability and waste minimisation sets us apart in the industry. The ongoing partnership between Portacom and Hann Construction Company exemplifies the potential of modular buildings in waste reduction and sustainability. This case study focuses on their collaborative project, the Kidsfirst Kindergarten in East Rolleston, Christchurch, which showcases the practical application of sustainable principles. 

Originally built as a Kidsfirst service in Franz Josef, the modular building was refurbished and relocated for the new site due to operational changes within the business. Portacom's team completed several internal alterations, electrical updates and plumbing improvements to ensure the building met the requirements of the new location. 

Through innovative practices, Portacom sets a strong example for the industry, aiming to retain the value of materials and resources indefinitely.