Design & construct a permanent building

Go from vision to reality faster and with more precision thanks to our modular construction techniques.

Not only will Portacom save help you avoid unnecessary on-site disruption thanks to dramatically reduced time spent completing on-site works, but our controlled production environment brings a much higher level of control, predictability and scalability to development.

Importantly, our in-house design and drafting expertise can work seamlessly with your projects lead designer, ensuring that the master-planned vision is enhanced by your new modular structure.

The time savings that Portacom can deliver are considerable. With most construction taking place within our controlled off-site production environment, delays due to adverse weather, subcontractor unavailability or material supply issues are minimized, allowing us to significantly speed up delivery of your construction project. Additionally, on-site construction time is a fraction of that experienced for an in-situ build, meaning you will be back up and running as quickly as possible.

The design to build process:

1. Initial

Our team of architects and project managers will work with you to fully understand your unique site and your project’s requirements.

2. Definitive design

Using the information gathered, our team will develop a series of blueprints, as well as building a precise cost and scheduling the project.

3. Optimised production

Once approved to production, detailed drawings, specifications and production plans are sent to our construction facility and the building begins. Concurrently, our installation team begin preparations for site works to ensure that we’re able to erect your structure with minimal disruption on site. Our planning systems leave nothing to chance, and our production processes mean we can be sure that the final product is completed to a high standard and to a timeline with very little chance of delay.

4. Accelerated assembly

The completed structure is transported to site and assembly begins. Our skilled on-site installation team can quickly complete the structure. Some minimal on-site work, including installation of connections to services and finishing joins between buildings occurs before the building is commissioned and ready for hand over.