If you’re looking to expand your institution, build a brand new school, or add facilities to create space quickly, a modular building solution may surprise you. More independent and private schools, childcare providers, adult education colleges, as well as educational departments are choosing to partner with Portacom.


Education Sector

The school and classroom environment can have a major impact on your students' learning outcomes and overall wellbeing.  Our expert local teams are here to help you find the right modular solution for your school community - whether you have a permanent or temporary requirement.

Green Initiatives

When comparing conventional construction to prefabricated modular buildings – the process is green by it’s very nature. Conventional buildings consume more water, more energy and more waste for landfill on construction sites than the modular construction process. At Portacom, the factory process reduces environmental effects by allowing easy recycling of materials from every building at each manufacturing facility.

360 Degree Services

Working with Portacom means project support from day one to delivery.

One call gives you access to our 360 Degree Service and a world of modular choices. We offer a range of services that tick all the boxes to complement the space we have provided. 

A genuine national presence means a Portacom solution is never far away.