Case Study

Babcock International

Babcock enlisted Portacom to provide temporary toilet facilities to accommodate naval personnel and maintenance crew whilst work was carried our on a naval vessel. 

We understand the importance of efficient and timely installation of facilities, especially in time-sensitive situations. 

In this particular case, an ablution and pumpout service was required for a prepped site. Despite the challenges of multiple site relocations, our experienced team worked closely with the customer, ensuring clear and constant communication throughout the process. We were committed to providing the best possible assistance and support. 

Thanks to our dedication and flexibility, the facilities were successfully installed within just a few days, well before the arrival of the naval vessel. This swift turnaround allowed the crew begin work without delay, resulting in satisfied customers. 

Our experienced team is well-equipped to handle complex situations and deliver timely solutions. We pride ourselves on effective communication, collaboration and the ability to adapt to challenges.