Burwood Hospital Redevelopment

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The challenge:

Burwood Hospital‘s redevelopment is part of the largest and most complex hospital building project in New Zealand’s history. For winning Construction Managers Leighs Cockram JV Limited, that means supplying up to 350 personnel and subcontractors on any given day, to get the job done.
To provide suitable onsite facilities for the project management team, Leighs Cockram JV Ltd called in - who they see as industry leaders in temporary, portable buildings - Portacom Building Solutions (Portacom) to help.
The solution:
Portacom immediately set to work in its manufacturing warehouse, tweaking some of its hire buildings to meet a design specifically tailored to fit with Leighs Cokfram JV’s project needs.
Once the modular buildings were delivered to the construction site, they were strategically placed together and anchored to foundations to create several open plan offices, meeting rooms, lunchrooms, induction and first aid rooms, a security area, toilets and showers.
As a turn-key project, Portacom was able to use its tradespeople to manage the electrical, drainage, plumbing, HVAC and surrounds like deck and ramps; all of whom had to abide by strict onsite guidelines says Portacom’s Christchurch hire consultant, Ross Thomson.
“Leighs Cockram JV Ltd run a tight ship, random checks are regularly carried out on electrical tools and safety gear,” he adds. “The site is surrounded by secure fencing and anyone coming onto site must go through a detailed induction.”
Pleased with its services 12 months into the 26 month long contract, Leighs Cockram JV Ltd has called upon Portacom to progressively add buildings as the project gathers pace and additional personnel are required onsite.
The result:
Senior site manager for the project and an employee of Cockram Construction Ltd Australia, Paul Quinn says, hiring of modular buildings is the way to go as its cost effective and facilities can literally be provided overnight to allow operations to commence without delay.
When asked why exactly he was pleased with Portacom’s services, he explains. “They are a great business to deal with and have a reputation in my circles for ‘keeping their word’.”  Quite a compliment, coming from a man with 35 years experience inside Australia’s longest running construction companies.
Leighs Construction together with Cockram Construction Ltd Australia may undertake some of the largest projects as part of the Christchurch rebuild. Paul says that Portacom is likely to be called upon to assist with further substantial projects about to come on-stream.