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Outstanding Portable Homes for Any Site

Portable buildings should be as appealing and comfortable as traditional site-built structures. Portacom New Zealand designs, delivers and installs portable buildings in which people from all industries can feel at home while they live, work and learn. These include dongas, portable cabins and other kinds of buildings built to our clients' requirements. We know what it takes to swiftly produce custom turn-key solutions with every detail in mind. Whether a single transportable office building, a modular family home or an expansive work village, Portacom New Zealand combines meticulous design with solid engineering. We are the New Zealand leader in modular transportable buildings. Through strong international resources and close local ties, we can tailor buildings to fit unique sites, environments and personal needs.

Our company is flexible - meeting all types of client need. Our uniquely innovative designs and our dedicated service set us apart from the crowd, making us the ultimate source for jobs both big and small. Portacom Building Solutions redefines transportable construction with sophisticated and affordable options surpassing conventional portable buildings. Clients in every sector depend on us to quickly customize and adapt sites to some of the most fluctuating demands - from accommodating personal tastes in factory-built homes to salvaging and managing infrastructures in emergencies with large-scale villages. We offer a comprehensive range of temporary and permanent building solutions.

The Benefits of Flexible Planning

Because Portacom New Zealand is an established leader in portable buildings, clients enjoy the benefits of many options and ongoing support at every phase. From the first consultation to choosing design and from installation to maintenance, your needs come first. Customers from industrial sectors, as well as those from education or tourism - all deserve optimum accommodation which can fit any circumstance. Providing a wide range of choice allows us to ensure long-term satisfaction for customers in all types of industry. For changing industrial needs, rooms in portable buildings can be added or removed. To meet a variety of economic situations, customers can opt for different financing plans for renting or buying. We consider every factor in order to build transportable solutions, which align with real-world living.

Engineers and designers of Portacom New Zealand are continuously refining the structural and architectural details of our modular transportable buildings. Their hands-on approach is apparent in the spacious and flowing floor plans of factory-built offices, schools and accommodation. Buildings of all types integrate function with pleasing architectural shapes, features and finishes. Lighting and colour schemes are tastefully applied to enhance daily activities. Customers have the flexibility to customize or design their own layouts or finishes. Portacom Building Solutions is about providing solutions to customer needs.

Choose Flexible Comfort with Portacom New Zealand

No matter what industry you work in and no matter what region of New Zealand, Portacom Building Solutions quickly delivers modular portable buildings which are ideal for living, working and learning - even down to groundworks, furniture, fixtures and fittings. For added safety and security ask us about our temporary fencing.

Find out why so many organisations, from small industries to the largest government departments, seek our services. We make clients feel at home.

Contact Portacom New Zealand on 64-9-525 4800 or click here to find out more or to arrange a tour of one of our many quality portable homes.


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