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The challenge:

Moturoa School in New Plymouth found themselves a classroom down when mould spores were discovered within its surrounding walls.
Poor design and lack of maintenance was at fault, says principal of the school Delwyn Riding.  The Ministry of Education had no choice other than to deem the building unsafe and decommission it from use.
“We do have plans to demolish the building and rebuild a permanent structure in its place, but as this could take another year and a half it was necessary that we found an interim solution,” says Delwyn.

The solution:

Delwyn says that the Ministry of Education had used Portacom Building Solutions for both temporary and permanent buildings in the past and there was no question that they were the people to help in this situation too.
“Portacom Building Solutions had a building in its hire stock that was the perfect size for our temporary classroom.  It also allowed us to tailor the building, adding things like a covered deck and ramp, and we were able to pick the layout and internal colours”.
Managing Director of Portacom Building Solutions Martin McLeod says it was one of their smaller projects, but one of the fastest.  
“Praise should go to my draughting team”, he explains. “They designed facilities that fitted perfectly with the schools needs and which met building and code Council requirements.  It was the clincher in receiving consent from the New Plymouth District Council within just two days.”
“We also had the green light from Moturoa School to manage all of the required sub-contractors which helped us to move the project along at speed.”
Managing fire engineers, electrical engineers, security and broadband providers helped Portacom Building Solutions to ensure the finished product was compliant and connected and set up within just one week of the modular buildings arriving on site.

The result:

The surrounding deck, ramp and steps complete the building, which is helping Moturoa School to continue with its positive learning environment.  Delwyn says that both the students and staff are happy with the result.

Although the building is on hire from Portacom Building Solutions it will be used until the end of 2014.