30 years experience in a range of industries.
You and your business need to respond to changing market demands faster than ever. Portacom Building Solutions allows you the room to grow quickly, with minimal disruption. Our range of modular cabins, offices and accommodation buildings are designed to be flexible enough to comfortably suit the widest range of needs.

We provide a range of modular, portable building solutions to most New Zealand industries, as our buildings are flexible and adaptable enough to suit most needs, including:

We are regularly exposed to the issues surrounding our clients and their stakeholders face. Whether it’s stringent regulations or environmental sensitivity, we have the technical knowledge and resources to provide a fast and effective solution.
Each project is very different and we adapt quickly and smoothly to have a project delivered on budget and on time. Our people, policies and processes are all aimed at providing you with a professional experience, that is second to none in the industry. From design and compliance knowledge to an attentive site supervisors, Portacom Building Solutions ensures your project is a success.