Transportable Diners and Lunchrooms

We know diners - and we'll make sure everything goes to plan.

Whether you need a portable staff lunch room for 5 or an entire dining facility for 1,500, our on-site diners are made to suit your requirements. Because our designs are modular, the size of your diner can expand or contract with the size of your project. Each diner is individual and designed based on your specific requirements.

Diner and Lunchrooms

  • Our designs provide for a modern open plan, high ceiling “bistro” style ambience in the dining room. The design considers and allows for smooth and effective flow of patrons with different needs and requirements. The design is a result of many years of experience resulting in a range of dining rooms proven to be very effective in servicing remote village requirements.

  • Mixing of round and rectangular tables can be used to encourage different size groups of diners to congregate.

    View our lunchroom building floor plans.


 Kitchen and Lunchroom


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