Thinking Green

Sustainability defines the way we do business today and for tomorrow.

Think Green    Equipment Station

Not only are we committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment, but also on providing you sustainable options that lower your running costs.

Portable green buildings

In-situ buildings have a significant impact on the environment. Based on whole-of-life considerations, they consume 32% of the world's resources, including 12% of the water used and up to 40% of the energy. Activities around building construction also produce 40% of waste going to landfill and 40% of air emissions.  When comparing modular transportable buildings to in-situ they are green by nature.

Off-site construction or factory built

Off-site construction, or portable buildings constructed within a factory environment have the potential to reduce waste significantly. The controlled manufacturing environment means improved dimensional accuracy and material optimisation is achieved in comparison to other construction methods. Significantly, further environmental benefits are realised through energy and water efficient construction, noise limitation and dramatically reduced vehicle movements. By transporting an entire modular building on the “back of the truck” it means less transportation of raw materials and workers to site.

What alternative is there for temporary uses?

If there were no modular portable buildings for the purpose of temporary needs such as remote accommodation villages or school expansions, then an in-situ process of ‘build & demolish’ or ‘build & abandon’ would be the alternative. These alternatives would result in much greater consumption of materials, energy and labour. When the temporary need has changed a modular building can be moved on for the next use, which is in effect recycling the entire building.

Sustainable operations

Factory processing methodologies for quality, waste reduction and safety performance improve the sustainability of our products. In an eco-conscious world, we understand the need to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment:

  • Waste materials from the manufacture of our buildings are recycled.

  • Where possible, our building materials are sourced from recognised environmentally conscious suppliers.

Sustainable Performance

Portacom Building Solutions proivides customisation of your building to provide a high level of performance by the addition and combination of:

  • Air-conditioning and building services
  • Building design and structural enhancements
  • Efficient designs and appliances

This service can be expanded to include an overall view of sustainable facility performance.

  • Site layout and building orientation
  • Local native plant use in landscaping
  • Breezeway and shade structure designs