About Us

Portacom Building Solutions is a leading provider of modular, relocatable, portable and transportable buildings in New Zealand. We have strong capabilities in safety, design, engineering and construction that have been refined over many years of first-hand customer experience.

Portacom Building Solutions has been one of the largest companies to manufacturer, hire and sell portable modular buildings in New Zealand for over 30 years. Operating from two primary manufacturing facilities in Auckland and Christchurch, it is supported by a wide network of 13 operational facilities nationwide. Portacom Building Solutions has one of the largest hire fleets in New Zealand with over 1,600 buildings, as well as a large range of fencing (currently servicing Auckland and its surrounding areas). You can feel secure in Portacom Building Solutions knowing that we are a division of the world’s leading modular construction and building hire group, Algeco Scotsman (www.algecoscotsman.com).

Throughout our evolution we have accumulated vast experiences and capabilities across a variety of industries whose building requirements have demanded greater designs, engineering and sustainability. The experienced design experts at Portacom Building Solutions have developed a comprehensive range of portable temporary and permanent buildings available in a range of layouts and finishes. We can also customise buildings specifically to meet your needs.
Our reputation, developed over the last 30 years is founded on security, quality, service and speed. 

About modular buildings

The advantage of a modular building is clear; our ‘turnkey’ buildings are factory built, where quality, materials and weather restrictions are managed with ease. We have complete control of the building process that ensures speed – we talk weeks, not months. Our buildings are engineered to be delivered to your site virtually ready to use. This minimal on-site construction approach means less disruption to your busy work environment. 
Modular buildings have come a long way over the last 30 years and are only limited by your imagination. Through clever design and engineering we can construct multi-level offices, complex medical facilities, 500 person villages and spacious educational facilities. All our buildings are fitted and decorated using modern finishes and high quality fixtures.  A large array of exterior finishes and fencing are available that can be applied in order to create a building that complements the surrounding environment.

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